Samara Bookman

Ebb and Flow

Year 12 HSC Visual Arts Body of Work by Samara Bookman using stonehenge on canvas, acrylic on canvas, chiffon and muslin on canvas.

Samara Bookman

We are constantly surrounded by patterns in nature that are visible regularities of form; a beauty that I find addictive. My total obsession with natures intricate patterns became meditative, bringing me comfort. Becoming aware of these intricacies I noticed their effect on my psychological experience as they transport me to a state of mind. It wasn’t until this state of mind was reached, that I was able to understand and play with form and texture inspired by nature. I aimed to allow the audience to see the beauty and simplistic aesthetics of nature because of my addiction to the pattern and how the artmaking process transports me. As an artist, my practice consists of push and pull similar to the way nature is continuously dying and growing. The repetition in the work forces me as an artist to stop and start, push and pull, ebb and flow.

Our earth’s movements ripple and flow with complex serenity. Relationships ebb and flow, like the waves of the sea. They swell with intimacy, passion and energy and then naturally grow separate. Attachment and connection, followed by detachment and disconnection… the cycle is vulnerability, trust and intimacy. This relationship not only binds my work to my state of mind but creates a delicately simple psychological connection with the audience.

Artistic Influences:
Fenella Elms
Gloria Petyarre