Lacie-Rose O’Kane

The Last Second

Year 12 HSC Visual Arts Body of Work by Lacie-Rose O’Kane using charcoal and graphite on stonehenge paper.


Lacie-Rose O’Kane

At the thought of death, a stream of uncontrollable thoughts rummage through our minds. Conspiracy theories on where we go, what happens to us, what really is beyond death?. My work is about ‘the last second of life’ as it conveys all conspiracies and what we know based of religion, science and as a collective. I pulled inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch’s artwork ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ as this work shows a formation of scrambled, out of place images working together to show one confusing and chaotic work from a far. This inspired me to appropriate that into my own meaning, by creating my work and leaving parts of the sketches unfinished to create the fading effect of death, as we fade, we forget our memories and so these images show that contrast of those thoughts rushing through our minds at the last minute. Some of these conspiracies or beliefs that are involved in my piece consist of tarot cards and their meanings behind them such as; the fool (reversed) and temperance (reversed). As well as the concept of heaven vs hell and involving the known 7 deadly sins and 7 virtues, which I chose a few that relate to my experiences and is why I have included my faces on both sides. I had also concluded other symbolic references to life and death, the cherry blossom tree for instance represents life although there’s the twist of it being dead but still on the heavens side. In the process of creating my work and its subjective frames, I’ve realised that it’s a very symbolic piece in terms of references to what is known to humanity, and so we choose to believe that there is a beyond death, as we can’t comprehend death being the most unanswered question.

Artistic Influences:
Hieronymus Bosch