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Lindisfarne is passionate about creative excellence.

Our Visual Arts Program

The Visual Arts at Lindisfarne allows students to explore creativity, curiosity and imagination in its finest forms. Students are provided with a variety of experiences throughout the Visual Arts curriculum whilst learning to work in a variety of media including; painting, drawing, printmaking, digital media, photography, time-based forms, sculpture and ceramics. Our Visual Arts staff are highly trained and experienced in a variety of artistic media to help grow our students capacity and understanding of the Visual Arts.

Lindisfarne students have the opportunity to explore different subject matters, multiple expressive forms, create artworks with the consideration of the audience, whilst developing an understanding, valuable artmaking practice, and appreciation of both their own and others’ artworks.

Students are offered opportunities in numerous co-curricular programs and events such as:
• Visiting artist workshops.
• Whole School Art and Design Exhibitions.
• Public art programs.
• Creating artworks for various school projects and ventures.
• Local, state and national art competitions.
• Excursions to local and state galleries.
• An enrichment program for students who wish to extend their skills in the Visual Arts and Digital Media.

Study and enjoyment in the Visual Arts can lead to many career opportunities and is a valuable skill to possess in all career paths. The development of imagination, creativity, and building new creative skills by the student can also lead to feelings of greater self-worth, self-confidence and promote interest in an area not previously considered. The Visual Arts program explores many expansive movements, media, relevant topics, ideas, design elements and theories which students are able to employ every day to their studies across other curriculum areas and into their future career pathways.

Major Works and Projects 

 Year 12

Higher School Certificate (HSC) Visual Arts bodies of work.

Year 11

Preliminary Course Visual Arts.

Year 10

Stage 5 Visual Arts.

Year 9

Stage 5 Visual Arts. Coming soon!

Year 8

Stage 4 Visual Arts. Coming soon!

Year 7

Stage 4 Visual Arts.

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